Catering Consultancy Service 

Is your business in need of professional help? 
Not quite achieving your optimum gross profit. 
Income is fair but margins are low. 
Do you have enough staff or are you overstaffed? 
Is the menu tailored to your potential market? 
Do you need to work all the hours you can? 
Are your suppliers charging you a fair price? 
Are you keen to learn how to manage your establishment more efficiently? 
Did you buy or rent a potentially good venue? 
Do you charge fair and competitive prices to your customers? 
Are you stressed trying to balance your books? 
Are your staff becoming a burden or headache to you? 
Is your business going to survive much longer? 
Over the past 40 years in my catering career, I have asked or experienced all of the above statements. In the early days I was too proud to ask for help if I had a problem. I assumed everybody was in the same situation. 
Purchasing my first business, I followed my heart and not the simple rules of maths. Over the last ten years I have begun to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Being a restaurateur and hotelier for the past 40 years has given me a very precious gift of knowledge through experience. I would like to be able to share this with others to make their businesses profitable but also somewhere that gives pleasure to the owner to run. 
I have run four successful restaurants, one with a 32 bedroom hotel, bar and function rooms. I am still at the helm of running a 
successful restaurant and I feel I can make a difference helping 
restaurants or hotels which are lacking in experience and knowledge of running. I can offer a full commitment to advising you how to make your venture profitable and enjoyable. 
If you feel you need any help I am just a phone call away. 
I practice on a confidential basis. On initial approach, once contact is made I would arrange a visit to analyse the service you provide at your venue and give you an accurate and truthful report. There will be an agreed fee for the first visit and report. If you are happy to progress further, any further fees will be charged on the result of increased business, savings on cost of your suppliers, staff, etc. 
Therefore this arrangement will never be a further invoice burden to your business. 

Request a call back... 

Let us know if you have any Special Dietary Requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
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