Franco's Christmas Day Lunch Menu 

£115.00 per person 
Children up to 11 years old £49.50 
Lobster risotto with hot potted crab, avocado and parmesan 
Grilled fresh king prawns and seared spicy calamari 
Parma ham, melon and mango with honey roasted pineapple (GF) 
Baked goats cheese and roasted asparagus parmigiana (V) (GF) 
Fresh porcini mushroom ravioli with fresh porcini sauce (V) 
Deep fried spicy soft shell crab with Scottish dived scallops 
* * * * * * 
Roast turkey, bacon roll, chestnut & pork stuffing and chipolata sausage 
Fillet of beef with Stilton and port wine sauce 
Roast rack of lamb with Madeira wine sauce and bubble and squeak 
Grilled 14 oz sirloin steak with fresh porcini mushroom sauce 
Baked fillet of wild seabass with seared scallops and fine herbs (GF) 
Baked halibut fillet on crab and langoustine with hollandaise sauce (GF) 
Roast breast of duck with Morello cherry and Drambuie sauce 
Baked aubergine with mozzarella and deep fried courgettes (V) 
Selection of freshly cooked vegetables and potatoes of the day 
* * * * * * 
Hot Christmas pudding with hot brandy sauce 
White chocolate and Baileys crème brulée (GF) 
Raspberry and chocolate torte 
Lemon meringue pie with warm lemon curd 
Fudge and salted caramel cheesecake 
Refreshing fine fresh fruit salad (GF) 
Selection of homemade ice cream or sorbets (GF) 
* * * * * * 
Platter of continental cheese platter, with fresh fruit 
* * * * * * 
Coffee or tea with amaretti biscuits and mince pies 
* * * * * * 
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